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Heat for the Helpless

Americans suffering in the cold are a disturbing reminder that all too many Americans suffer through the winter without enough heat, thanks not just to storms, but to poverty. And just as we all have united to help those in need after Hurricane Sandy, we must also remember the help we give to so many Americans who work hard and can’t make ends meet. With President Obama’s re-election victory on November 6th, will poor Americans be in the cold this winter or will they get warmth from the White House?

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Funding the Future: Pushing Kids Off the Cliff?

Both of my children attend public school.

When my oldest daughter was in first grade, I helped her classroom teacher out for an hour or two a week. The teacher, a wonderful and committed one as all my children’s teachers have been, asked me to work with one particular girl who was having trouble reading. She could identify the letters and knew what sounds they made but could not blend the sounds, a key step in learning to read. It was heartbreaking. She was clearly bright and I watched her become angry and withdrawn. I had no idea how to help her. I’m not a trained professional. And my daughter’s teacher had 26 kids in her class and no para-professional. How could she teach all her students and give children with learning disabilities the attention they deserve? Soon after, the school evaluated the student and got her the help she needed.

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States Squeezed into Austerity

On December 2, MSNBC host Chris Hayes invited CSI Founder and President Maya Wiley to talk about the impact of budget sequestration on families.

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Children and Families First

In his acceptance speech, President Barack Obama said, “What makes America exceptional … [is] the belief that our destiny is shared; that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another and to future generations.”

He’s right. In America, we have done so much good for each other.

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Announcing the 2012 Alston Bannerman Sabbatical Fellows

We are excited to announce our 2012 Alston Bannerman Sabbatical Fellows. This year, we had The 2012 Fellowship class is an amazing multi-racial, multi-generational group of leaders of color who’ve been working on a wide range of issues around the country.

The Alston Bannerman Sabbatical Fellowship was created to honor and support longtime organizers of color by providing them the resources to take time out for reflection and renewal. Fellows receive a $25,000 award to take sabbaticals for three months or more.

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Falling off the Fiscal Cliff – Race, Opportunity and Sequestration

As a country, we long ago decided to feed the hungry, help the homeless, ensure our elderly have heat in winter and make sure every child gets a fair chance, by supporting public schools and programs for disabled and poor children. We have helped millions of children and families, White, Black, Latino, Asian and Native American, over the years through programs that work. We now face a crossroads come January 2013. Will we continue to invest in the education, housing and nutrition of Americans hit hard by the recession or begin to cut vital investments in Americans?

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Statement by CSI About Race and the 2012 Presidential Election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 8, 2012 Contact:  Eric Katzman, 646-723-4344 Statement by Center for Social Inclusion About the 2012 Presidential Election New York, NY – On November 6th, voters decided […]

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CSI Releases Report on Impact of Photo ID on Seniors of Color

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Media Contact: Eric Katzman The TASC Group Phone: 646-723-4344 The Center for Social Inclusion Releases Report on the Impact of Photo ID Laws on Senior Citizens of […]

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