What We Do

Center for Social Inclusion’s (CSI)┬ámission is to┬ácatalyze communities, government, and other institutions to dismantle structural racial inequity and create equitable outcomes for all.

We craft and apply strategies and tools to transform our nation’s policies and practices, in order to achieve racial equity.

CSI employs four interlocking strategies to achieve its mission:

CSI Four StrategiesPolicy & Research
Working with community groups, government, and national organizations to develop policies that advance racial equity;

Capacity Building
Building leadership capacity through multi-racial coalition building, convenings, leadership development, and trainings;

Talking About Race
Developing and sharing tools to talk about race and shift the dominant narrative;

Institutional Change
Developing and implementing institutional change strategies to operationalize structural racial equity.


Partnering with organizations–whether in communities, government, or other institutions–CSI developed specific program areas to advance structural racial equity:

Other programs include Broadband Equity and Transportation Equity.

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