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Since 2011, CSI has worked with social scientists to figure out the best strategies to talk about race that would move a broad base of people to support racially equitable policy solutions. We train grassroots leaders, community-based organizations, advocacy organizations, and government to talk about race effectively in order to move a policy agenda that would create shared prosperity in our neighborhoods, states and nation. Our aim is to unite community organizing and advocacy with cutting-edge social science research to create more communications strategies for those working to make racial equity a reality.

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[COVER] Talking About Race: A Summary of Findings Talking About Race: A Summary of Findings

Published in 2012

Based on message testing research by our partner Westen Strategies, our first report makes key recommendations about how to communicate about race.

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[COVER] Let's Talk About Race Let’s Talk About Race: How Racially Explicit Messaging Can Advance Equity

Published in 2015

Based on three years of message testing research, our second report demonstrates that race explicit messaging can move people toward progressive fiscal policies. How you construct those messages matter.

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