Jacob Faber, CSI’s senior researcher, contributed a chapter to the Drum Major Institute’s new book From Disaster to Diversity: What’s Next for New York City’s Economy? The book is a wide-ranging collection of essays of people whose ideas and arguments, proposals and prescriptions, are brought together for the first time. All are equally concerned about how to make New York City stronger and healthier than ever.

Jacob Faber’s chapter, titled In Planning for Any Economic Rebound, Race Matters discusses race and opportunity in New York City and provides concrete policy solutions for a more equitable and inclusive region. The chapter shows how the current recession has its roots in discriminatory mortgage lending and argues that the only way to come out of this stronger than before is to take race into account in economic recovery efforts.

To learn more about CSI’s research on New York, check out our report, One Region: Promoting Prosperity Across Race

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