The Center for Social Inclusion Names Maya Wiley as President

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The Center for Social Inclusion Names Maya Wiley as President

January 18, 2012 – New York, NY: The Board of Directors of the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI), a national policy strategy organization that works to transform structural racial inequity into structural fairness and inclusion, today announced Maya Wiley as the organization’s President. Ten years ago, Ms. Wiley co-founded CSI and has since served as its Executive Director.

“As the Center for Social Inclusion begins its 10th Anniversary Year, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I am honored to announce Maya Wiley as President,” said CSI Board Chair Connie Heller. “This is in recognition of her outstanding vision for and leadership of the organization.” Heller continues, “Our country faces historic economic and social challenges and communities of color stand to carry the burden of these in unprecedented ways at a time when people of color, particularly our youth, are becoming the majority of our nation.”

In her enhanced role, Ms. Wiley will be strategically positioned to lead the organization’s work highlighting how race still matters in our society. CSI has spent the last decade working with communities of color to develop transformative solutions that work to solve national problems. In this pivotal election year, the work of CSI has become even more critical as the subject of race and its policy implications continue to confound our leaders.

“I am honored that the Board of Directors has named me President,” said Ms. Wiley. “We must recognize that race still matters today. Our misplaced demand for ‘colorblindness’ has resulted in the biggest racial wealth divide our nation has seen in the past 25 years.” Wiley continues, “By 2042 the United States will be a nation comprised primarily of people of color. Now more than ever, as we grapple with systemic challenges such as an increase in joblessness and poverty, massive national debt and a beleagured educational system, we have a collective responsibility to discuss race as the solutions to these challenges are being debated on the national stage.”

A graduate of Dartmouth College and Columbia Law School, Ms. Wiley has been a leading advocate for racial justice throughout her career. She has worked as a civil rights attorney at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and as a Senior Advisor on Race and Poverty at the Open Society Institute. Ms. Wiley serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Tides Network. She has appeared in numerous news stories, interviews, and political discussions on outlets such as The Washington Post, the Associated Press, MSNBC, and the Additionally, she has presented at convenings such as PolicyLink’s Equity Summit and the Guiding Lights Weekend.

About the Center for Social Inclusion:
The Center for Social Inclusion works to unite public policy research and grassroots advocacy to transform structural inequity and exclusion into structural fairness and inclusion. CSI works with community groups and national organizations to develop policy ideas, foster effective leadership, and develop communications tools for an opportunity-rich world in which we all will thrive. Visit


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