UPDATED – The Facts on Voter ID

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, at least 180 restrictive bills were introduced since the beginning of 2011 in 41 states. Since then, at least 34 states introduced legislation that would require voters to show photo ID in order to vote.

Supporters of Voter ID requirements say we must protect against voter fraud. Opponents argue that the real motivation is to suppress turnout among the poor, young (18-24), elderly and people of color who may not have ready access to an ID.

CSI Founder and President Maya Wiley has been appearing on several local and national radio stations to set the record straight on Voter ID laws.

Below are choice clips from recent radio interviews.

  1. 7/27/12 – America’s Radio News Network - Afternoon Edition with Ernie Brown.  Listen to the clip here.
  2. 7/30/12 – WWZN-AM – Jeff Santos Show in Boston, MA.  Listen to the clip here.
  3. 7/30/12 – WOIC-AM – U Need 2 Know with Frank Knapp in Columbia, SC.  Listen to the clip here.
  4. 9/10/12 – KBOO-FM – More Talk Radio in Portland, OR.  Listen to the clip here.  (hour-long feature)



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